The first line made for Brazilian Skin pays homage
to women who expose our beauty to the world.

small agency 2021
adage silver

Tech and Soul is considered
by Advertising Age, the bible
of world advertising, as
Small Agency of the Year.


C6 Bank

A complete bank that suits you.



4 You 4 Everything



When small traders had to close their doors
we helped them by opening their businesses.


We are Indie by choice.

It started by the name: why borrow famous strange last names to sell our work if the work will be done by our own selves?

Instead of a name carrying an absolute truth, we chose one with a mantra in it. Nearly a great song lyrics. A prayer: technique and soul, technique and soul. Thus, each repetition helps us to devise our company’s most valuable asset: our culture.

And such culture needed a suited place to get developed. Nothing better than a co-working space, the backyard garages of our times.

We grew within months and quickly moved to the second floor of the Astor Bar. What could be more Indie than to run a business above a bar at the bohemian neighborhood in São Paulo?

And for an Indie agency that is just perfect: a place to celebrate the great moments, reckon upon the good ones and bury our sorrows through tougher times.

But you may be thinking: “What is the advantage of working with an Indie agency?”

It is that to be Indie the agency had to previously – by its own choice – do things you would wish your current agency did: such as abolishing closed formulas, intuitive solutions and absolute convictions.

Technique and soul, technique and soul...

When you work with an Indie agency you notice the nervous giggling before any presentation. Cause that could be the last one. There are no alignments. But good strategy and good ideas.

To be Indie is enjoying to be on the road. Stepping besides the clients, never behind and much less ahead of them. All walks are better when made along with others.

It is to win on the job, at the sale and in life.

It is to work with less people, but with the problem solving ones. With no waste of any kind. To know how to spot efficient communication out of euphoric technology.

Crafting is also Indie. That is why we work with masters in their field: strategy, business, creation.

How about media freedom: is that Indie? Yes, of course. Every single problem is unique. We are media agnostic. And everyday apprentices.

Hiring an Indie agency evidently involves risks. But the recipe for winning market strategies always took boldness.

To be bold, original and innovating is to be Indie. Maybe that is why we stood up among the 3 independent agencies at the Lions Cannes Reach Track, the category which identifies the most attuned with the future of communications agencies.

We won 7 Lions, 2 silvers and 5 bronzes, for Uber. We stood up among the most awarded agencies in Brazil. Well, we are aware that everyone can live “Indie” moments from time to time in any place or in any agency. That’s ok.

The thing is we elected this to be our way of living. Our day to day life. And to be bold enough to do that we quietly repeat every single morning: technique and soul, technique and soul...


Memorial do Holocausto

With a star on a team jersey, we transformed
a match into a history lesson.

How we do

With a model that values business
solutions based on relationships,
customization and measurement.









Tech and Soul +55 (11) 3031-3131
São Paulo - SP • Rua Alves Guimarães, 1.120, 6º andar